Vesa Peltola
"One thing that really struck me is the quality of both breweries and beers themselves, here in Italy. There are so many manufacturers of brewing technology that I can meet here."
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Rafael Gomez Gaona
Installer Technician - MAHOU - SAN MIGUEL
"I came to BBTech expo looking for new technologies, filtration systems in particular. At BBTech expo you can meet directly with both micro-breweries and manufacturers of systems for each single stage of the process."
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Luca Turletti
Sales - GAI
"Thanks to BBTech expo meeting scheduling platform, we got in touch with a number of international buyers and established excellent relations with them from the beginning. We also presented our machines to the breweries exhibiting at Beer&Food Attraction."
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Michela Della Toffola
"BBTech expo enhances our business because it gives us the opportunity to speak directly with our clients. This year’s turnout has been both local and international. We had a chance to meet with international buyers and to consolidate our existing relations."
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Fabio Michielin
"BBTech expo is evolving and expanding from previous years and its audience of international operatives is on the rise."
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Roberto Piano
Sales Manager - CIMAC
"At BBTech expo we present a can filling and closing machine and we are getting many requests for it. We were visited by both Italian and international buyers at our stand who showed interest in our products."
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Michela Iorio
Press Office - GAI
"It’s always been really important for our company to attend BBTech expo, because it helps to build bridges between the various sectors."
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Cristiano Finelli
Sales Manager - MR. MALT
"Our company is mainly focused on the Italian market, but we’ve also had export agreements abroad so BBTech expo was important from that perspective too.”
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