Interviews released by two foreign buyers during BBTech expo 2018

"BBTech expo is a great fair that works. It brings together all italian beer producers. A hit!"


"We're attending BBTech expo because the Italian market is growing as confirmed by the numbers.With respect to previous years, the event is opening towards an international public, and therefore represents a good opportunity for getting in contact with new markets."

Fabio Michelin - VELO

"It's always a pleasure for usto attend this exhibition, because it offers usthe great opportunity to meet smalland medium-sized brewery enterprises, both italian and international"

Lorenzo Tomaselli - CFT

"BBTech expo has grown a lot! Lots of visitors from abroad, from Finland, Spaing, Croatia and Romania. The visitor target has grown, passing from demand for small systems to very large ones, like the 50-hectolitre, completely automatic one on show."


"At BBTech expo we meet above all the master brewers seeking new tech solutionsfor filtering beer. We really appreciate the combination of beer tasting and technology that characterises this exhibition"

Michela Della Toffola - DELLA TOFFOLA

"We're attending BBTech expo because we meet beverage distributors and the whole world linked to tapping beers. Thanks to this event, we promote our company to a national and international public."

Adalberto Pizzi - CELLI GROUP

"BBTech expo reflects the development of the market which sees growth among breweries not only in terms of turnover but also technology used. Everty years, the breweries themselves, having become bigger, request ever more technical devices from machinery. We offer brewhouses and accessories that offer an even better response to new requirements."

Simone spadoni - SPADONI

"We're definitely consider BBTech expo themost important fair in Italy. Our clients are nearly all here at the fair and, as well as that, new up-and-coming breweries arrive, interested incustoming their caps. It's a point of reference that we absolutely can't afford to miss."

Cathrin Kuehn - PELLICONI EC. SPA

"We're attending BBTech expo to meet the greatest possible number of brewers in Italy. There are nearly 300 of them in this edition and so it's a good start for encountering the national scene."

Cristiano Finelli - MR MALT