BBTech Expo

BBTech Expo, in order to grow the physical and digital presence of innovative projects, consolidates its role as an incubator by reconfirming the Start-up and Innovation area, with the aim of creating new business opportunities and encouraging dialogue between companies and young businesses.

A physical and virtual exhibition area, entirely reserved for innovative start-ups and young Italian companies offering services and solutions in the in the foodservice sectors, as well as technologies and equipment for beverage production.

The initiative, inscribed in a larger project that includes the Innovation District with conferences and awards for innovative projects at the fair, is organized by the Italian Exhibition Group and has as main partner ANGI, the National Association of Young Innovators.


  • To offer new business access to a prestigious national and international stage where to create exchanges and share ideas: the perfect environment in which tradition and innovation meet.
  • To create meeting opportunities between the companies present at the event and the Start-Ups that can encourage product and/or service innovation.
  • To encourage the identification of the Italian innovative system as a primary interlocutor in the development of products in the sector at national and international level.




Customizable and interactive reusable polypropylene cups. A sustainable, promotional and economic alternative to disposable plastic cups. Available in different shapes and sizes, with your own logo or design. Thanks to the QR code, customers can access personalized digital content.


Production of straws for food use made with certified biodegradable and compostable raw materials.


Calton is a platform that allows you to aggregate, respond, analyze and manage all reviews from multiple channels, create surveys and integrate any other direct customer feedback as well as manage your online presence (local listing).


We support the activities of the HO.RE.CA. sector in the management of their venues by providing products and services to 360 degrees: from support for the opening of a new business by providing advice on equipment, furniture and training, to the supply of bars, restaurants, pizzerias, poke places, etc. The platform acts as a management for orders, invoices, consumption trends and food costs through a web platform, "", which optimizes shipments from the warehouse (dry, fresh and frost) and distribution with proprietary vehicles that guarantee the cold chain. The smart and innovative platform will be completed with the release of the integrated cash system.


The first climate hub dedicated to the food & beverage sector in a full-service formula. Our mission is to guide organizations towards carbon neutrality by providing integrated technology solutions and services based on an ISO certified scientific methodology. Our MIRA approach follows 4 steps that involve companies in a sustainable network that leads them to "settle their climate debt". 
Join us in the challenge for an environmental transition of the horeca industry. 


GNAPP innovative startup was born on November 14, 2022 with the aim of bringing to the automation market a new concept of multifunctional and collaborative flexibility for operators in the hospitality industry.


L.A.B. was recently set up by Dr. Dario Bastiani and Dr. Simone Verlingieri, who have experience in the agricultural, commercial sector as well as production, processing and sale processes of cereals and other agricultural products (especially in the various stages of organic cultivation, and processing of hop). Given the experience of the members and the operating team, the intent of the Start-Up is to proceed with the realization of a corporate project, which will include it within a larger project together with other players.
L.A.B. takes an active part in a chain project called «Hop Made in Italy», born from various economic operators, already present in the Umbrian entrepreneurial fabric, with the aim of building the Italian Hop Industry, given the emerging opportunities. The role of Start-Up L.A.B. will be to provide services of Collection, Separation, Drying and Pelletizing, in addition to the production of Hops (under organic regime) thanks to the direct management of lands. This allows the maintenance of a very high product quality standard and the efficiency of production processes, resulting in cost optimization, also thanks to the installation of a photovoltaic system.


We create and sell beers for those who do sports and active life. The market is that of beer in the world is about 560 Bn. The segment is functional beer/performance beer with market shares on the total growing double-digit YoY. The typical customer is the athlete who wants to take care not only of training and technical aspects but also of nutrition and those who like to enjoy some pleasure of life while paying attention to the quality and characteristics of the products.


Maltese is an innovative start-up, created to make it available via e-commerce to consumers and the best selection of domestic and foreign craft beers. In a nutshell, the best place to buy the best beers in the world. It is aimed at a curious audience, looking for quality and special labels, who don't want mainstream beers; it allows you to find the best craft beers in the world in one place, to be informed about the latest news and trends in the beer world, to be part of a community of enthusiasts (beginners and experts), as well as to have the products with a fast delivery and able to preserve the quality of the product itself. We base value chains on the selection and breadth of the offer, product quality and logistic service; it represents a real aggregator of proposals, a potential one-stop-shop where to contain all the consumption experience related to beer. It is an accessible and open environment, with a level of service that cannot be found today in the beer scene.


Neoma is an innovative startup born from over twenty years experience in the field of industrial maintenance of its founder. We understand the complexity of asset management in remote sites and the challenges of optimizing maintenance activities, so we developed SAM, the tailor-made solution Industry 4.0 ready, for the management of maintenance processes and the organization of activities on plants. With an approach based on LEAN Production and Design Thinking, we collaborate with our 360-strong customers to create a complete innovation path, where software becomes a tool to achieve more ambitious industrial goals. The Neoma team puts at your service experience, expertise, passion and strategy to turn obstacles into opportunities.


The only single-dose supplement in the world to digest lactose. Absolute novelty in the horeca world, finally the customer can eat what offered by the shopkeeper and the latter can increase the average receipt. Great for restaurants, pubs, ice cream places, pastry shops, hotels. According to AILI, 50% of people in Italy are lactose intolerant. Many do not know and have troubles. Trade fairs are fundamental to bring the b2b and b2c audience to know the condition and the solution.


Restworld is a startup within the HRTech born in 2020 with the aim of revolutionizing the management of staff in the catering sector, facilitating the entry into the world of "healthy" work for millions of people. With sales growing by 300% year on year (in 2023, 460,000€), Restworld counts 500 restaurants customers, over 100,000 registered people and a team of 17 professionals with over 100 years of accumulated experience in the sector. Supported by an advisory board of HR and business angel experts, today we aim to expand our community of catering workers. Restworld aims to triple its turnover in 2024, promoting employment and supporting the hotel industry.


Innovative startup born for the acceptance of a financing proposal (preseed call) for the realization of a machinery for the food sector. The machine realizes the automation of the production process, from the insertion of the ingredients (water, flour and yeast) to the finished product.


The company aims to develop a digital platform that will allow to innovate the Italian craft beer distribution and logistics sector.


Yeastime provides deep tech solutions that optimize bioprocesses by reducing the active state of the fermentation process by 30%, resulting in efficiency in terms of production time, energy consumption and environmental impact.


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