From the large street party on his birthday to tributes from great masters

Rimini is getting ready to celebrate Federico Fellini’s birthday with the event “Fellini 100. A year-long birthday”, a packed calendar of events that will be held throughout 2020. It all started on 14 December with the inauguration of the exhibition Fellini 100. Immortal Genius at Castel Sismondo, and this will culminate in its most important events in the week from 17 to 31 January, before concluding at the end of this year with the inauguration of the International Museum dedicated to him.

As an exceptional backdrop to these lengthy celebrations, a whole city will be dressed up to the nines, with bright lights to honour Fellini in the form of lit phrases and images from his films. Phrases from his scripts will accompany visitors on the walk between Piazza Cavour, the Galli Theatre, Castel Sismondo, Corso d’Augusto, and the Fulgor Cinema, the different locations for the celebratory events.

The exhibition is set up in Castel Sismondo, part of the future Fellini Museum site. With an innovative impressive setting, the exhibition hinges on three thematic areas:

  • The first tells the history of Italy: starting from the 1920s - 1930s, the post-war period, and ending in the 1980s through the imagery of Fellini's movies.
  • The second area is dedicated to the stories by Fellini’s travel mates: both real and imaginary ones, collaborators and others.
  • Finally, in the third area, the permanent project of the International Federico Fellini Museum will be presented.