BBTech expo
The Beer & Beverage Technologies Show

16th - 18th February 2025, Rimini Expo Centre, Italy

Admission is reserved exclusively for professional operators of age 

BBTech expo presents the most comprehensive processing and filling technologies, raw materials, packaging, equipment and services for beers and beverages.


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BBTech expo Community: the words of the protagonists

“BBTech expo is a wonderful meeting point for everything that is related to the world of craft beer, a place where you can feel the vibes of the entire beer sector, and it is always an opportunity to exchange ideas. The new Beer&Tech Arena is really interesting, because it helps us discover new topics that allow us to move forward and be more and more attractive.”

Teo Musso, Founder and owner of Baladin

“It is always good to come at BBTech expo and meet your current suppliers, find some potential suppliers, check some new and current trends in order to see what we can do together in our markets, Italy and Poland. Beer&Food Attraction is professionalism, hospitality and fun.”

Olga Yermolkevich, Sales Manager at Amka

“It’s exciting to be able to be here at BBTech expo and have people explore so many different styles, trends and discover what’s happening in the world of beer today.”

Adam Dulye, Executive Chef & International Project Coordinator at Brewers Association

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