BBTech Expo


“Beer&Food Attraction is a wonderful meeting point for everything that is related to the world of craft beer, a place where you can feel the vibes of the entire beer sector, and it is always an opportunity to exchange ideas. The new Beer&Tech Arena is really interesting, because it helps us discover new topics that allow us to move forward and be more and more attractive.”

Teo Musso
Founder and owner of Baladin



“Taking part in BBTech is always a special occasion for us, especially in the last few years, since our market, the Italian craft beer market, has undergone many radical changes. Gathering here with our clients, our friends, but also our future and potential customers is very important. It is always great to be here, show where the company is going, what the company is investing in as well as be promoters of craft beer in Italy.”

Giancarlo Angilella
Sales Area Manager at Easybräu-Velo



“For us, Beer&Food Attraction is THE beer exhibition. I think it is the most important trade show in Italy, the most enjoyable as well as the most successful exhibition in the world of beer.”

Gugliemo Gai
CEO at GAI Macchine Imbottigliatrici


“It’s exciting to be able to be here at Beer&Food Attraction and have people explore so many different styles, trends and discover what’s happening in the world of beer today.”

Adam Dulye
Executive Chef & International Project Coordinator at Brewers Association



“This year Beer&Food Attraction has definitely been the restart after some difficult years that involved the entire sector. A keyword to describe the exhibition might be “sharing”, because I have seen a lot of new stands, with a great desire to spend time together. We have met friends, colleagues, clients, all sector operators. Another word might be “innovation”, because here you can find breweries that want to start again, presenting their traditions, but also their innovations. So, this has been a very special edition.”

Luca Venturi
country Sales Director Italy at Bitburger Braugruppe


“In three words, BBTech for me is innovation, we can see it all around us, in the different stands, both on the beer side and on the breweries side; it is the energy of the participants, and it is also this idea of conviviality, where people are coming together once again after the Covid and the problems that they had.”

David Smart
European Manager for the Wine and Beer Business at bioMérieux



International buyers

“Attending Beer&Food Attraction it’s very important because, when we work with breweries, we need to know the people and their philosophy, their backgrounds, their story and what they want to achieve, so face-to-face it’s very important. So, here you have the chance to do that, and once you get a feel of who they are, that is half the battle.”

Michael Brock
Consultant at Beer52 (UK)


“It is always good to come at Beer&Food Attraction and meet your current suppliers, find some potential suppliers, check some new and current trends in order to see what we can do together in our markets, Italy and Poland. Beer&Food Attraction is professionalism, hospitality and fun.”

Olga Yermolkevich
Sales Manager at Amka (Poland)


“Here at Beer&Food Attraction I’ve been really impressed by the wide range of different Italian micro-breweries which focus on local organic ingredients and many of them have their own thing, like spontaneous fermentation, or using wild yeast or combining wine and beer making an hybrid drink. It has been really wonderful to see and I’ve been really enjoying seeing that.”

Tommi Koistinen
CEO at Olarin Panimo (Finland)


“The importance of attending Beer&Food Attraction is that I get a good understanding of beers in Italy, the industry here, I get to meet a lot of good breweries, but I also get to meet a lot of colleagues from across Europe.”

Jacob Linden
Managing Director at One Pint Brands (Netherlands)



“Beer&Food Attraction is an exhibition of innovations, technologies and great people who come to share their experience and their emotions. In fact, there are lots of emotions, because people are very proud of their products, they love to share what they do and how they do that. There are lots of interesting things, there are new companies rising, small families that reached big results, so it’s very nice, very interesting.”

Levon Baghdasaryan
Head of Marketing at Andaco LLC (Armenia)


“For me, it is important to attend this exhibition because it’s an opportunity to speak with many exhibitors and to keep in touch with the craft world, with breweries all over the world, to see where the trends are going and try some new products for us, for our country.”

Artem Boldyrev
Founder of Growler (Slovakia)