"This event is a world in itself, and we can’t see this in Latin America. I’ve met a lot or brewers that I’ve never seen before. I’ve seen brands that don't export to Latin America, and I think if they did, they would be in for a big surprise."

Calypso Bahamonde - Brand Manager Cervezas, Peru

"This is the first time I am attending BBTech expo. This event is an incredible way to find out what's happening in the Italian and European markets."

Systembolaget Ab
Katarina Westman - Beer Purchaser, Svezia

"This well-organised event successfully brings together major established companies with smaller emerging businesses."

Cervezas Cuenc
Javier Donate - Owner and Brewer, Spagna

"I'm here at BBTech expo to meet new breweries, network and develop new business opportunities. I was able to meet a lot of excellent, high-quality breweries in a short time."


Constant Companion Ab
Lennart Johansson - Owner, Svezia